1. Hawthonn
    Leeds, UK
  2. Cassandra Jenkins
    New York, New York
  3. Quivers
    Melbourne, Australia
  4. The Dead C
    Port Chalmers, New Zealand
  5. Adrian Crowley
    Dublin, Ireland
  6. Lady Lamb
  7. wendyeisenberg
    Brooklyn, New York
  8. cross record
    England, UK
  9. Sharon Van Etten
    New York, New York
  10. Julie Byrne
    New York, New York
  11. Blod
    Gothenburg, Sweden
  12. Sarah Davachi
    Los Angeles, California
  13. Lina Tullgren
    Queens, New York
  14. Katie Von Schleicher
    Brooklyn, New York
  15. Ora Iso
    Brooklyn, New York
  16. Our Love Will Destroy the World
    Featherston, New Zealand
  17. Soft Landing
    Brooklyn, New York
  18. Bright
    Boston, Massachusetts
  19. Mirza
    San Francisco, California
  20. The Spiny Anteaters
    Ottawa, Ontario
  21. Yours Truly
    Baltimore, Maryland
  22. The Weak Moments
    Boston, Massachusetts
  23. Alger Hiss
    New York, New York
  24. Greg Weeks
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  25. Jason Morphew
    Los Angeles, California
  26. Mark Dwinell
    Boston, Massachusetts
  27. Monaural
    Detroit, Michigan
  28. Colossal Yes
    Oakland, California
  29. TALsounds
    Chicago, Illinois
    New York


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Record label since 1994.

Also carrying releases from our sister label, Grapefruit Records.


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