1. Yesterday Is Gone
    Dana Gavanski

  2. This Is Not A Dream

  3. Compare & Despair

  4. Land of No Junction
    Aoife Nessa Frances

  5. Det finns ett hjärta som för dig
    Enhet För Fri Musik

  6. Last Ticket Home
    Peter Jefferies

  7. Olympic Girls Solo
    Tiny Ruins

  8. This World Just Eats Me Up Alive
    Brian Crook w/The Renderers

  9. Cross Record
    Cross Record

  10. Kinship
    She Keeps Bees

  11. Even in the Tremor
    Lady Lamb

  12. Olympic Girls
    Tiny Ruins

  13. Rare Ravers
    The Dead C

  14. The Long Way
    Tiny Hazard

  15. Voices of the Air
    Jon Porras

  16. Icon of Ego
    Arc Iris

  17. Gave In Rest
    Sarah Davachi

  18. Suffuse
    Roy Montgomery

  19. Finklestein
    Hamish Kilgour

  20. Red Goddess (of this men shall know nothing)

  21. Songs of Pat Ament
    Pat Ament

  22. Daydream Time Machine

  23. Blues Band
    Deep Frosty

  24. I Wish I Were A Sparrow
    Laura Baird

  25. Two Shadows Collide
    Secret Pyramid

  26. Shitty Hits
    Katie Von Schleicher

  27. Negative Boogie
    David Nance

  28. Love Sick

  29. Antiseptic
    The Terminals

  30. Laughter
    Tiny Vipers

  31. Seventeen Words

  32. Not Even Happiness
    Julie Byrne

  33. Greyland
    Tiny Hazard

  34. Exposed Prehistorics
    Colossal Yes

    Roy Montgomery

  36. The Baird Sisters - Until You Find Your Green
    The Baird Sisters

  37. Trouble
    The Dead C

  38. Heat & Entropy
    Ben Chatwin

  39. Teemanttee
    Threes and Will

  40. More Than Enough
    David Nance

  41. Came Down A Storm
    Claire Cronin

  42. Blue Cheese
    Kane Strang

  43. Wabi-Sabi
    Cross Record

  44. Bleaksploitation
    Katie Von Schleicher

  45. In The Sodium Light
    The Renderers

  46. Field Recordings From The Sun
    Comets On Fire

  47. The West Is A Mess
    Earth Jerks

  48. Surrounded by Progress
    Colossal Yes

  49. Over and Through
    Claire Cronin

  50. Music For Snowdrifts
    Jenks Miller & Rose Cross, NC

  51. No Host. No Guest.
    Family Underground

  52. The Future Will Be Repeated

  53. A Wolf Should Only Be Lone
    Peter Kolovos

  54. Live In Jersey City

  55. The Best Of Richard Conway-Jones
    Richard Conway-Jones

  56. A Handful of Dust - Topology of a Phantom City

  57. La Morte Young - S/T

  58. The Complete Recordings of Jackson C. Frank
    Jackson C. Frank

  59. Temporary - Selections From Dunedin's Pop Underground 2011-2014

  60. Of Course You Do

  61. Be Good
    Cross Record

  62. Epic
    Sharon Van Etten

  63. The Halls Of Wickwire

  64. Ripely Pine
    Lady Lamb

  65. Magic Trix
    Xenia Rubinos

  66. Isengrind / TwinSisterMoon / Natural Snow Buildings

  67. Night Coercion Into The Company Of Witches
    Natural Snow Buildings

  68. A Rocket Into Nothing
    The Renderers

  69. Vain, Erudite And Stupid: Selected Works 1987-2005
    The Dead C


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